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Kathmandu Nepal

A capital - e maior cidade do Nepal - é também o "centro comercial" de muitos escaladores que querem chegar à Cordilheira do Himalaia e, quem sabe depois, encarar o Monte Everest. Se esqueceu algum equipamento para a sua expedição, certamente encontrará ali. A cidade também reúne inúmeros templos budistas e hinduístas, além de palácios e estupas (espécie de mausoléus), atraindo turistas de diversos países e fazendo a Praça Durbar, epicentro da cidade, fervilhar em vários idiomas.

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This course is both a training in best practices focused on risk management, access to best learning opportunities, and student facilitation strategies, as well as an experiential exposure to critical global issues.

Tucked amidst the colossal peaks of the Himalaya, the Kathmandu Valley is an ancient crossroads of Himalayan trade and is a melting pot of cultures, creating a convergence of deep traditions amid the bustle of modern South Asian life. On this global educators seminar, educators examine key global issues related to present-day development, environmental sustainability, and cultural survival. In the medieval UNESCO World Heritage site of Bhaktapur, we examine the Newar lineage of pottery, weaving and woodcarving and explore topics of urban planning and sacred space through talks on the spiritual and religious dimensions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism. In Patan, “the city of beauty,” we live with Newari families while we engage with a women’s cooperative, meet United Nations officials, and discuss the Valley’s history with local elders. Examining the word itself, and peeling back the layers of “development,” we better understand Nepal, and South Asia in general, as it transitions from an ancient Kingdom to a modern nation. Experiential activities include introduction to Buddhist tradition through guided meditation practice, light hiking in the Himalaya foothills, and walks amid prominent cultural heritage sites with world-renown scholars. Global educators get real world exposure to contemporary issues in religious and cultural studies, sustainable development, and the arts, while also developing teaching tools to effectively address these themes in the classroom back home.

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